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Hydrographic Surveying

City Surveys provides hydrographic surveying and sub bottom profiling services to both public and private sector clients. Missions have includedproject condition surveys, navigation and dredging support surveys, bridge scour evaluation and monitoring, and surveys supporting waterfrontstructural design, and coastal and environmental studies. Collins performs surveys in accordance with established Corps of Engineers criteria,and combines the latest techniques with years of hands-on experience, thereby providing accurate and informative surveys in support of anyproject goal.

Our experienced professionals have completed projects for various clients in the UAE, Middle East. Various Services Offered are as follows:
- Magnetometer
Which measures magnetic fields in Nanteslas (or Gammas). Sudden variations of the magnetic field indicate the presence of ferrous metal.Magnetometer surveys are used to help locate underwater metal objects such as pipelines, cables, UXO, lost anchors or cutter heads, etc.
- Multibeam
Which is used to secure 100 percent sonar coverage of water body beds, essentially imaging the bottom. Hydrographic surveyors can collect480 times the amount of data gathered with a single-beam system. This technology can be applied to such projects as existing conditionssurveys, pre- and post-dredges, monitoring bridge scour, underwater obstruction mapping and marine construction monitoring.
- Side-Scan Sonar
Which can provide broad-scale views of the features in the water column or on the bottom. This technology can be used for maritime archaeologysurveys and search surveys, to detect and identify underwater objects and bathymetric features, and for environmental studies.
- Sub-Bottom Profiling Systems
That provide information about subsurface sediment structure, and can be used to locate and measure dredged material deposits, and identifyburied objects.

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