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Quality Control

To maximize e¬ciency at every level, City Surveys has successfully been audited and certi ed in accordance with a variety of international management standards in the areas of quality, health and safety and the environment.

The company’s internationally recognized certi¬cations include:
• Quality Management (ISO 9001:2000) and Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001:11996) –certi ed by Bureau Veritas and accredited by UKAS and ANAB.
• Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2004) - Certi ed and accredited by Bureau Veritas.

City Surveys executes quality work at all times, ensuring:
• All activities are defect free
• Management of health and safety of all personnel
• Protection of the environment

We are committed to:
• Complying with the requirements of our certi ed management system.
• Improving and streamlining operations through internal and external audits, periodic reviews, and the setting of objectives and targets.
• Complying with all applicable legislation and regulations, as well as the relevant contractual requirements of our customers.
• Minimizing pollution and continually improving our environmental performance by implementing proven technologies that are economically sound.
• Identifying and eliminating all hazards in work areas to ensure the health and safety of our workforce and the general public.

The Driving Forces:
• Dedicated to maintaining our position as an industry-leading Survey company
• Focused on accurately identifying all of our customers’ needs and requirements
• Committed to producing the highest quality at competitive rates
• Proud to provide our clients with complete project solutions

City Surveys Aims to:
• Continuously improve the delivery of our services – always on time and within budget
• Do the job right the rst time, every time!
• Lead the way in terms of fairness, honesty and ethical behavior.

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